Welcome to Rockingham Volunteer Sea Rescue Group

Rockingham Volunteer Sea Rescue Group is located at Point Peron, with its HQ building housing Bravo1, crew room, training centre and the VN6KC radio tower. The FSR Jaime Lee is permanently moored on the jetty adjacent to the public ramps, fuelled and ready to respond at a moment’s notice.


Since its conception the Group's membership has grown to 450 members of which 65 are "active", manning the rescue vessels, the radio tower and telephones to provide the boating public of Rockingham and surrounding districts with emergency coverage 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.


The duty crew man our rescue vessels and are on standby for a period of 24 hours, with crews rotating over a 7 day period, 365 days per year. We also have administration staff undertaking various duties at our Point Peron HQ, all of which are volunteers.


Radio Officers commence duty at 0600 hours, standing 4 hour radio watches until 2200 hours every day of the week. An overnight telephone watch is maintained on our emergency number 9528 2222. Radio watch hours are reduced from 2200 to 1800 hours during the winter months, (June, July and August), with a telephone watch operating from 1800 to 0600 the following day.

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